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  • Wow!

    By jkolmen50266
    What a wonderful, twisted, thought provoking story. As soon as I got over dealing with the different dialects and languages, I found myself rooting for a happy ending for Dodo.
  • It all comes together in the end.

    By Chrstcat
    Differences that divide us, bring us together.
  • Complicated Read..do finish

    By Derby🌀
    This is an interesting read portraying an American experience about marginalized cultures and their struggles and joys but not glorified to white wash the story. The web of characters is immense but each plays its part and I was glad I finished the book. I would agree with another review that the Author inserts moments that are preachy and should have let the reader unpack his story for themselves.
  • Beautiful

    By Pepper Evans
    Beautiful language and imagery. Rich characters. Fast-paced story line.
  • Colorful while also bland

    By dmbski11
    Wonderfully descriptive, almost too much so. So many colorful characters to keep track of, overwhelmingly so. It is beautifully written but difficult to follow and drags on.
  • So slow

    By mfwatson17
    Couldn’t get into this book, struggled to even get through half and couldn’t finish it
  • Great Read

    By Drobster 1
    A very enjoyable novel to read with a mixture of happiness and sadness.
  • Great premise, too many characters

    By brock_zahler
    There’s a ton going on in this book. I really wish I could do half stars here. For one, I loved the premise and the themes explored here. It’s very ‘your AP English teacher assigned this book.’ And not in a bad way. It’s a really great story about race and class and small-town community. The downside? It’s got SO. MANY. CHARACTERS. And it’s truly so hard to keep them straight. I also felt like it was way too detailed about every backstory when we didn’t need it. It’s really well-written, I just think it could’ve been 300 pages instead of 380.
  • Beautiful masterpiece

    By Jess_L48
    I highly recommend reading it. There’s tragedy, drama and just a well written story between two communities!
  • Loved it

    By BHG mag
    Couldn’t put it down.